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Owners as Strategists Conference 

The KMU-Institut's international conference aims to strengthen the dialogue and stimulate new thinking about the strategic role of ownership. The conference brings together leading international academics with firm owners and entrepreneurs to discuss important questions about the contributions of firm owners to value creation, innovation, firm strategy and governance.

The 3rd international conference on Owners as Strategists aims to facilitate the development of new theory and stimulate novel discussions about how ownership shapes firm strategy. The theoretical and practical need of studying ownership in relation to firm strategy is pressing as ownership around the world is (again) becoming progressively concentrated in the hands of owners such as entrepreneurs, families, cooperatives, financial asset managers, foundations and states.

The goal of the conference is to bring together a diverse set of scholars with an interest in ownership, governance, and strategy to address the overarching question what the role of ownership is for firm strategy and governance, with particular focus on the responsibility of owners in today’s economy. The 2023 Conference Program can be found here.


Insight to Impact Forum

The Insight to Impact Forum is an interactive workshop in which we share and discuss current research findings with selected personalities from the business field.
What do we do in our research? What is our latest research knowledge? What practical implications can we derive from our research?

With short propositions underpinned by empirical findings, the Insight to Impact Forum aims to provide inspiration and discuss established topics from novel perspectives. Together with the participants, we challenge our scientific findings in the business context and derive insights with impact for entrepreneurs and family owners. Find out more about the forum here.

Upcoming Research Talks and PDWs


GCEI's Annual PDW "On Neutral Grounds"

We cordially invite you to join our annual Professional Development Workshop "On Neutral Grounds"
Prof. Dr. Christina Hertel and Prof. Dr. Eva Weissenböck
Prof. Dr. Laurens Vandeweghe, Prof. Dr. Bart Clarysse, and Prof. Dr. Dmitry Sharapov
Andric, Mateja, Prof. Dr. Josh Wei-Jun Hsueh, Prof. Dr. Thomas, Zellweger, and Prof. Dr. Isabella Hatak
Matthias Tröbinger and Prof. Dr. Sen Chai
ZIG-Seminarraum / Room A 24-0-216

Research Seminar: “The impact of feedback from humans and machines on problem-solving in online communities"

It is our pleasure to draw your attention to the upcoming research talk on September 20, from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. of Prof. Stefan Haefliger from Bayes Business School (formerly Cass Business School). He will present an ongoing project titled “The impact of feedback from humans and machines on problem-solving in online communities”, co-authored with Sabine Brunswicker (Purdue University) and Ann Majchrzak (USC Marshall). Please find the abstract of the project below.

Prof. Stefan Haefliger
ZIG-Seminarraum / Room A 24-0-216

Publications of GCEI Researchers