Research Focus Entrepreneurship

Our research bases on a process perspective on entrepreneurship and focuses on creating, identifying, evaluating, and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities. Further, it is theory-driven, evidence-based, and published in high-ranked scientific entrepreneurship and management journals. We cooperate with leading experts of the research field and provide key implications for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and companies.

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Based on an entrepreneurial decision-making perspective, our center does research on Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurial Strategy, Experimental Entrepreneurship, Technology Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Entrepreneurship. At this, we maintain manifold co-operations with international leading business schools, universities, and technical universities.

Current research projects in collaborations with our partners are:

  • GFF Research Project: "Mental and physical health promotion in Entrepreneurs as Implications for Success"
  • SNF Research Project: "Overcoming Gender Stereotypes in New Venture Board Networks"

Building on our research insights, we teach entrepreneurial thinking and promote entrepreneurial action. We base our work on international standards in research and education, further the state-of-the-art in the research domain, and foster start-ups at the University of St.Gallen. Through our ongoing cooperations with practitioners, we refer to the entrepreneurial reality in all fields of activities.