Research Talks and Paper Development Workshops (PDW)

Mutual exchange and dialogue are at the heart of the GCEI and are facilitated both by our GCEI Research Talk Series and the cross-university Paper Development Workshop series "On Neutral Grounds".

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Previous Research Talks and PDWs

GCEI-HSG research seminar: Prof. Dr. Stefan Haefliger (Bayes Business School). "The impact of feedback from humans and machines on problem-solving in online communities", September 20.

GCEI-HSG Annual PDW "On Neutral Grounds" with entrepreneurship and innovation scholars from ETH Zürich, EPFL, and University of St. Gallen, September 4.

GCEI-HSG research seminar: Prof. Dr. Tom Vanacker (Ghent University). "The Dark Side of Equity Crowdfunding Platforms: Platform Employee Investments and Post-Campaign Outcomes", June 12.

GCEI-HSG research seminar: Prof. Dr. Ying-Ying Hsieh (Imperial College London). "Evolving a Decentralized Platform: Reorganization and Complementor Adaptation", May 30.

GCEI-HSG research talk: Prof. Dr. Douglas Hannah (Boston University). "Pioneer Founders: A model of community-embedded entrepreneurial action", May 24.

GCEI-HSG research talk: Prof. Dr. Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä (Universidad de los Andes). "Entrepreneurship education in extreme settings and situations", March 21, 2023.

GCEI-HSG research talk: Prof. Dr. Henri Hakala (Lappeenranta University of Technology), and Prof. Dr. Charlotta Sirén (GCEI-HSG). "To buy green, or not to buy green: elements of entrepreneurial sustainability decisions", February 15, 2023.

GCEI-HSG research seminar: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Butticè (Polytechnical University of Milan, School of Management). “Information diffusion impact on entrepreneurs’ strategic choice: The case of equity crowdfunding”, November 16, 2022.

PDW series "On Neutral Grounds": Michael Hudecheck (HSG), Charlotta Sirén (HSG), Dietmar Grichnik (HSG), and Gerry George (Georgetown University). "Investigating Entrepreneurial Venture Resource Acquisition through the Lens of Media Dynamics, Reputational Transfer, and CEO Power Dimensions", September 5, 2022.

PDW series "On Neutral Grounds": Laurens Vandeweghe (ETH Zurich), Bart Clarysse (ETH Zurich), and Aleksandra Petersone. "Professionalizing the Firm: The Case of Innovation at a Founder-Led Scale-Up", September 5, 2022.

PDW series "On Neutral Grounds": Eva Weissenböck (EPFL), and Nicola Breugst (TMU). "The pursuit of survival in hostile environments: Using team humor to build resilience", September 5, 2022.

PDW series "On Neutral Grounds": Vivianna Fang He (ETH Zurich), Shiko Ben-Menahem (VU Amsterdam), Christian Wedl (Accenture), and Georg von Krogh (ETH Zurich), "The Emergence of a Formal Control System in Innovation: The Case of a Swiss Family Firm", June 29, 2022.

PDW series "On Neutral Grounds": Joachim Stonig (HSG) and Torsten Schmid (HSG), "Ecosystems research and publishing qualitative research in top-tier journals’, June 9, 2022.

PDW series "On Neutral Grounds": Ann-Kristin ZobellLukas Falcke and Stephen D. ComelloHSG / Stanford University"Spanning Organizational Boundaries across Space and Time: Engagement Dynamics, Temporary Role Transitions and Implications for Knowledge Transfer", June 9, 2021.

PDW series "On Neutral Grounds": Patrick TinguelyVivianna Fang HeShiko Ben-Menahem, and Georg von KroghETHZ / Essec“Matching matters! A longitudinal study of relationship quality disagreement between mentors and protégés”, May 5, 2021.

PDW series "On Neutral Grounds": Sophie BacqChristina Hertel, and Tom Lumpkin, Indiana University / EPFL / University of Oklahoma, "Societal Impact at The Nexus of Entrepreneurship and Community: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead", April 14, 2021.

PDW series "On Neutral Grounds": Bart ClarysseJana Thiel, ETHZ, "Technology Ventures in Search for a Market", March 10, 2021.

PDW series "On Neutral Grounds": Vivianna Fang HeCharlotta SirénZoe JonassenHenrik WesemannGeorg von KroghDietmar Grichnik, ESSEC / UniSG (HSG) / ETHZ, "A Story Well Told: How do Verbal and Nonverbal Communication affect the Development and Survival of Venture Ideas?", February 10.

GCEI-HSG research talk: Assoc.-Prof. Ryan Krause (Texas Christian University),"Chairing the Board in a Crisis: An Examination of Board Chair Leadership Behavior and Crisis Response", November 26, 2020.

Asst. Prof. Henning Piezunka (INSEAD), "Training with AI, Winning Against Humans – Evidence from Chess Computers", November 26, 2019

Prof. Wesley Sine (SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University), "Refugees at the Door: Institutional Logics and New Venture Failure in Disrupted Emerging Markets", April 10, 2019

Prof. Gerard George  (Singapore Management University), "Digital business models and sustainability", April 8, 2019

Prof. Dr. Christopher Lettl (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien), "Strategic behavior in contests with heterogeneous agents: Evidence from the field", March 29, 2019

Rasmus Rahm (Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship), "Entrepreneurship education: Latest trends and learning from the Swedish experience", December  12, 2018

Prof. Dr. Dr. Toni Laamanen (Institute of Management, University of St. Gallen), "Publising in Long Range Planning", 3 December 2018

Prof. Dean Shepherd (University of Notre Dame), “Strategies and advices for academic careers in entrepreneurship and management”, 18 September 2018

Prof. Dean Shepherd (University of Notre Dame), “My journey in entrepreneurship research”, 30 May 2018

Prof. Thomas Zellweger (Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation/Center for Family Business, University of St.Gallen), “Property rights and economic value creation in the owner-managed firm”, 30 May 2018

Prof. Frédéric Delmar (Lund University), "Modelling new firm growth and survival: Some practical solutions", 29 May 2018

Prof. Gerard George (Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University), "Grand challenges and management research", 25 May 2018

Prof. Vangelis Souitaris (Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of St.Gallen), "Should I stay or should I go: Founders' power and exit via an IPO", 26 March 2018 

Assoc.-Prof. Emre Soyer (INSEAD/Özyeğin University), “Deceived by experience: How to learn the right lessons”, 19 February 2018

Prof. Carlo Salvato (Università Bocconi), “The effects of subtle leadership cues on status conferral in family firm succession processes”, 24 January 2018

Assoc.-Prof. Theresa Treffers (Technical University of Munich/Privatuniversität Schloss Seeburg), “Feel, learn, perform! The effects of team affective diversity on team learning and performance”, 18 January 2018

Assoc.-Prof. Kristina Nyström (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), “Labour mobility in the aftermath of displacement: Understanding the effect on entrepreneurship”, 17 January 2018

Prof. Holger Patzelt (Entrepreneurship Research Institute at Technical University of Munich), "Communities of inquiry and development paths of entrepreneurial opportunities", 19 October 2017

Prof. Howard E. Aldrich (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "Entrepreneurship in the making? The entrepreneurial implications of the maker movement", 31 May 2017

Ass.-Prof. Patricio Durán (University Adolfo Ibáñez), "Political ideologies and the internationalization of family-controlled firms", 3 November 2016

Prof. Barbara Bird (Kogod School of Business, American University), "Entrepreneurial behavior: What we know and what we don’t know", 13 October 2016

Prof. Pursey Heugens (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University), "Finding resilience in fragility: Intergenerational values transfer in family firms", 27 October 2016

Prof. Joakim Wincent (Hanken School of Economics/Luleå University of Technology), "Future innovation leadership: Current inputs for the strategic planning process", 28 September 2016

Assoc.-Prof. Miguel Meuleman (Vlerick Business School), “When the going gets tough: Using multiple agency theory and the resource-based view to explain outcomes of financial distress in buyouts", 12 May 2016

Assoc.-Prof. Denis Grégoire (HEC Montréal/Visiting professor at the University of St.Gallen), "Modeling internationalization opportunities: Evidence from entrepreneurs' decisions", 17 May 2016

Roxana Turturea (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University), "Top management team attributes, bricolage and ambidexterity in small and medium-sized enterprises", 13 April 2016